Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SOD: Hunter S. Thompson

Often times we take for granted the idea of muscle memory, but for those of us trying to pick up an instrument we get a harsh reminder of how valuable it can be.

Right now I'm learning guitar and it has become a part of my routine to do finger workouts, not matter how bland, over and over to get the memory of how it feels for my fingers to move quickly up and down the neck.

Hunter S. Thompson took the idea of muscle memory to an extreme when trying to master the craft of writing. It is said that he would spend hours upon hours re-typing his favorite legendary book: The Great Gatsby. Why? So he could feel what it felt like to create a masterpiece. Many of these copied carbon prints are probably still floating around out there today.

It's hard to say now whether he would say it helped, but we do know Dr. Gonzo eventually became the great writer he aimed to become, even if he never actually mastered the beast of literature.

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